Commitment to quality

Committed to ensuring the well-being of its customers, the Chairman of the Board of Strasbourg Airport has adopted a quality management approach with customer satisfaction as its primary objective. This commitment is expressed via the “Commitment and Policy of Strasbourg Airport“.


Passenger satisfaction

The airport regularly evaluates its customers’ perception of the quality of services offered. This survey, carried out by more than 12 French airports, allows it to better understand passenger expectations and to study best practices. 

These surveys address passenger facilities and comfort during the various stages of the journey (from preparation to boarding the aircraft). 

Even though more than 90% of passengers state that they are satisfied, the airport continues its efforts to improve this figure. The Board has adopted various improvement plans in response to customer feedback. 

As a result, improvements have been made in the waiting period (relaxation areas, free Wi-Fi, enlargement of shops and creation of catering outlets, etc.), and traffic flow (boarding circuit at the security check points for example); many other improvements have been implemented or are planned in order to better meet the expectations of our passengers!

Passenger expectations in terms of  “Destination”

The airport regularly carries out Origin/Destination surveys, which focus on the expectations of customers/passengers in relation to new destinations they would like to see at Strasbourg Airport. 

As a result, new destinations are regularly proposed and several destinations have even opened in the form of ad-hoc flights. 

Listening to our Residents

Initiatives aimed at those who live and work in the vicinity of the Airport are available on the “Environnement ” pages of our website.


Management system

Strasbourg Airport has been certified according to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by the certification body AFNOR since 2008.  

Maintaining a strategy of progress is evidence of the Board’s commitment to the pursuit of its activities as part of a sustainable development approach. 

Mystery customer survey

In order to supplement information gathered through the annual satisfaction survey, the Airport regularly carries out Mystery Customer Surveys.

These surveys aim to concentrate our efforts on the “Customer Experience” in the Airport; they focus on the “Quality of Service” received and perceived at each stage (from arriving in the car park, through the various airport and partner counters, via shops and administrations, to boarding).