Reporting conditions

In application of the provisions of Article 26 of the Prefectoral order relating to the security measures applicable to Strasbourg airport, photography and filming, reporting and visits are subject to special authorisation granted by the Prefect.

All photography and filming is prohibited except with prior permission.

For all visits, photography or filming and reporting, an application for permission must be submitted within a reasonable timeframe to the following address:

Applications must be accompanied, for each visitor, by a photocopy of an identity document so that the police can carry out background checks whilst this measure is in force. For visits, the number of people in the group and the suitability of the persons accompanying the group will be among the criteria taken into consideration when analysing the application.


Photography and filming for commercial purposes are subject to a fixed charge payable to Strasbourg airport:


  • 2 hours: €518.00 incl. taxes
  • 1/2 day: €884.00 incl. taxes
  • full day: €1,563.00 incl. taxes


  • full day with no limit to the number of shots: €280.00 incl. taxes

Permits granted for commercial photography and filming may be temporarily suspended in special circumstances (Vigipirate plan, parliamentary sessions, etc.


 Operations department: