Airport management

Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport, a Société Anonyme with Executive Board and Supervisory Board with a capital of 159,454 euros, is the manager of the airport concession, following the transfer of airport activity by the Chamber of Commerce for Strasbourg and the Bas-Rhin on 23 May 2011. The initial concession was granted for a duration of 40 years, i.e. until 31 December 2050.

The company operates the entire management of the airport platform and in this capacity is responsible for the following tasks:


The Airport provides airlines and airport partners with all the resources required for the exercise of their activities: manoeuvring areas, terminals (passengers and freight), parking facilities, road links to Strasbourg city centre, shops and services, passenger information, etc.


The manager has implemented safety and security measures in compliance with the various applicable national and international regulations.

These are formalised in:

  • the aerodrome manual (section entitled “Système de Gestion de la Sécurité” (Security Management System) describing the structured and systemic approach to airport safety management in the “reserved zone”)
  • the security programme which ensures the security of passengers in the boarding zone under the control of the Border Police


In collaboration with the State and the Local Authorities, the manager defines the Airport’s medium and long-term investment policy and is responsible for its funding. The manager is responsible for construction work and infrastructures. The investment policy is presented annually to the various airport partners.
These investments relate to extensions of passenger terminals, parking facilities, freight zone, road access and aeronautical infrastructures.


As the body responsible for the development and marketing of its activity, the Airport consolidates the resources of the platform, implements the expansion of the network of scheduled and charter routes, and promotes the platform to various customer segments alongside the distribution network (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators) in the most cost-effective way, fostering the involvement of all parties involved.
The Airport takes part in professional and public trade fairs and exhibitions and in communication and marketing campaigns with its partners.
As part of its commercial activity, the Airport includes shops, car hire, parking facilities, catering facilities and advertising displays.


The provider of air navigation services at Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport is SNA-NE.


Certified according to ISO 9001 since June 2001 and ISO 14001 since 2008, Strasbourg Airport has continued to renew its certification as part of an integrated Quality and Environment Approach since 2010.

The airport’s quality approach applies to all activities and processes with a direct impact on the quality of service, from public information to the maintenance of facilities and equipment. Conscious of client perception, the Airport regularly carries out passenger satisfaction surveys and evaluates customer experience by means of “mystery passengers”.


Strasbourg Airport clearly demonstrates its desire to be an exemplary airport in terms of environment protection.

The Airport’s environmental policy has been set out in an Environment Charter since 2000. This reference document is the result of wide consultation and formalises the company’s commitments in all environmental areas.

Currently, the new charter 2021-2025 is being implemented. It includes eight themes including two new commitments which are: “Fight against climate change” and “Green IT and digital sobriety”.

Strasbourg Airport has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 6 August 2008.


The SEA (Airport Operations Company) employs 90 agents; there are more than 1200 jobs in the airport platform.