Concerned with the well-being of its customers, the Management of Strasbourg Airport has deployed a Quality-based approach for the management of its activities. The primary objective of this initiative is the satisfaction of our customers

This commitment is expressed and communicated through "the Strasbourg Airport’s commitment and policy"

Our improvement approach continues

Through ISO 9001 certification, our approvement approach has continued to deploy. The launch of an additional environment certification approach has been succesful with the ISO 14001 certification in July 2008.

In order to always optimize our efforts, we have decided to renew our certificates with an integrated quality and environment approach.

Indeed, Strasbourg Airport has receive ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications by AFNOR (certification organization) in september 2010.

Its continued improvement initiative is proof of the commitment of the airport Management to continue its activities through a process moving toward sustainable development.



Strasbourg Airport is a member of the ALFA ACI group of Francophone airports.
These airports work in collaboration with various commissions (marketing, quality, environmental, technical, maintenance, facilitation, human resources, finance, legal, computer...).
The goals of this interaction are:

  • to study the different aspects of an airport’s operations together, in order to find efficient solutions to problems encountered,
  • to exchange and compare various practices,
  • to improve services and performance.


Strasbourg: an airport that listens

Customer/passenger satisfaction:
The airport regularly evaluates its customer's perception about services quality. This survey, common to 12 french airports, allows it to better understand cutomer's expectations and to search the best practices.

These surveys are about customer's facilities and comfort during the different steps of his journey (from preparation of his journey to the boarding).

Although over 90% of our passengers are satisfied, the airport continues to maintain its efforts to further improve this rate.

Thus, the most recent actions have affected accessibility and comfort with :

  • The new railway station, now linked to the airport by a covered pedestrian walkway. On average, trains stop at this station every 15 minutes.
  • The creation of a special service to assist disabled people.
  • The creation of a Relaxation Zone which is also fitted out like a workspace,
  • The opening of a Business Centre offering fully equipped conference rooms to rent,
  • The modernisation of the toilet facilities, etc.

Expectations of our customers/passengers:

We regularly conduct Origin/Destination surveys which particularly focus on the new destinations which our customers/passengers would like to see at Strasbourg Airport.

Listening to the community:

Details on actions aimed at the airport’s local community are available in the “Environment” pages of our website.


Request for information:

For all additional information, please contact:

Quality Department
Aéroport de Strasbourg

RD221 / Route de l'Aéroport
Tél : 00 33 3 88 64 73 79

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