Shuttle train

Shuttle train stops at the airport up to 4 per hour , allowing you to be in Strasbourg station in 9 minutes!


Navette Train





A covered pedestrian footbridge allows you to walk between the airport and the station platform

Strasbourg Station >> Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport

(Average journey time : 9 minutes)

To plan your trip, check the timetable.

Airport shuttle fare


Combined tram and TER Airport fare

New fare: With the new multi-transport Tram+TER (regional train service) Airport ticket you can travel between the airport and the CUS (Urban Community of Strasbourg) with just one ticket for only € 4.20 !

TER ticket only from Airport to the station : 2,50€





TER Alsace au
0 800 77 98 67

Tickets available at the Airport and Train Station (tickets machines), Credit cards accepted.


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