Travel Center

 Travel Center


The airport has set up a new space in the heart of the terminal inviting you to take a trip. Dedicated to highlighting offers from our tour operator and airline company partners, you will find a variety of information about the destinations served from Strasbourg in the Travel Centre.


Espace Détente

Rest area

Since December 2009, a workspace is available to passengers at the airport. Brand new equipment, internet access – everything is here to give our customers the very best welcome.

Located on first floor, the space is split into two zones: one dedicated to rest, relaxation and reading; the other reserved for work with high tables equipped with sockets for recharging laptops and mobile phones.


Lounges in departure areas

Wether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you can now relax or work comfortably while you wait for your flight. Two lounges have been created on the ground floor and first floor of the departure areas, with sofas, armchairs and high desks with computer connections.


Services area

In the departure hall :
  • One children's merry-go-round in the departure area.
  • One children's merry-go-round in the arrival area.
  • Automatic photo booth
    Colour and black and white ID photographs.
  • Photocopier
    High quality black and white copies.



Free Wi-Fi Internet access


In January 2011, Strasbourg Airport set up free Wi-Fi access for passengers. Just log on to the Wi-Fi network of the airport to go online whenever you want to!



Cash dispenser

Cash dispenser

One Banque CIC Est cash dispenser (ATMs)

Foreign cards accepted.

(arrival areas)

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