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More than just an airport, Strasbourg Airport consists of a Business Park known as the SKYPARC.
The SKYPARC is now a powerful means of development for businesses which have set up there and which can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the platform. With over 70 businesses, the park employs 700 personnel.

This business zone is in an ideal location with excellent access by road and a TER rail network connection.

Located to the south-west of Strasbourg, the SKYPARC is ideally positioned in a rapidly-expanding zone. The expansion of the Holtzheim and Entzheim business zones places it at the heart of a very attractive centre of economic development.

The site is still mainly biased towards aeronautics and transport, whilst remaining open to other business activities.
Those already established at the SKYPARC include: WFS, DHL, Heppner, Geodis, Bolloré, DSV, and Fedex, France Handling, Aircargo Logistics, Fracht, France Cargo Handling, Sifa Transit, Transport Fleck but also Customs and Excise, the Departmental Public Security Service Directorate, Freshmile, Sifa Transit, Namixis Ssicoor, Mora Associates, IRT Solution Textile, OMS Synergie, Optimis’action, Brand, CTP, XPO Logistics, Bolloré Solutions Logistics,… etc

Are you interested in relocating to the SKYPARC? You are sure to find premises, which will meet your requirements!

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Units at the skyparc

New offices building

Building of 2 floors of 1200sqm


  • Ground floor Lot A: 203 sqm
  • Ground floor Lot B: 223 sqm

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Freight terminal (8000 sqm)

This building consists of several warehouses between 850 m² and 1400 m² heated and a few storage boxes.
Characteristics :
– 17 levelling docks
– Wide loading ramps
– Skydome lighting and industrial luminaires
– Concrete floor
– Useful height: 5 m
– 4 m high sectional doors and high-speed doors
– Offices in some warehouses
– Fire safety: RIA, smoke detectors
– Shared sanitary facilities and shower
– HGV parking for waiting
– Dedicated staff car park
– Dedicated parking for visitors

Office building

The Skyparc has several office buildings of 2 or 3 levels composed of different surfaces and common sanitary facilities.

  • Louis Blériot Building

    R+1 building composed of 2 wings
    Surface area divisible from 11m² depending on the configuration
    Collective charges: heating, electricity, water, cleaning of common areas and maintenance of the surroundings
    Parking not included
  • St Exupéry Building 

    Building in R+2 composed of 2 wings
    Surface area divisible from 15 m² depending on the configuration
    A wing adapted for people with reduced mobility: access ramp and lift
    Coffee machine area and vending machine for drinks and sweets
    Parking not included

Warehouses and miscellaneous units

Several buildings offer storage or activity areas.

Airport terminal units

The airport terminal can offer various types of premises: offices, cloakrooms, desks, back offices, retail outlets, etc

Secondary accomodation

Reserved for personnel working on the airport platform.
Unfurnished rooms between 16 and 22 m² close to the terminal.
Rent from €194/month to €320/month, including heating, water and electricity.