PASO exhibition

The PASO Museum houses an exceptional donation of more than 700 works made by the artist PASO to his native town. Regular rotations allow visitors to discover the breadth of his work, which is displayed in dialogue with the creations of other artists in temporary exhibitions in the PASO Art Space. His art has long since crossed borders, as evidenced by his many international successes. His works can be found in museums and public collections (Sénat Paris, Sammlung Ludwig, Land Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Moscow, USA, Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin to name but a few). Since the opening of the Museum, several events have been significant: a retrospective of his artistic career in 2013; the monumental work Ar(t)bres, created for his 80th birthday; the exhibition PASO et l'Or du Rhin, in 2018; an exhibition in 2019 in Schifflange, the Luxembourg town twinned with Drusenheim. As part of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Drusenheim, PASO designed a large sculpture to be installed in the Altwasser gardens. This memorial is a strong symbol of reconciliation and Franco-German understanding, of peace and of the link between peoples. PASO is a tireless artist who continues to create and explore new techniques.