getting around in alsace

TER alsace SNCF

Travel to all four corners of the region with TER Alsace.


CTS (Strasbourg transport company)

Travel around Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis on public transport operated by CTS.


Strasbourg train station

Travel by train throughout Alsace, France and abroad from Strasbourg. Discover all the services available at Strasbourg train station (car hire, taxis, nearby hotels and more).



Strasbourg Evenements

Trade fairs, shows, conventions, conferences and more… Strasbourg Événements – Manager of the Convention Centre and Exhibition Park – can host your events in the heart of Strasbourg the Europtimist!



Zenith Europe

The Zénith de Strasbourg hosts concerts, shows, receptions and more.




Alsameeting is a member of the Quality Charter set up by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Strasbourg et du Bas-Rhin and offers a wide selection of meeting spaces in the region of Alsace.



Strasbourg Convention Bureau

As your preferred contact, Strasbourg Convention Bureau will study your specifications, analyse your requirements, search for service providers and suitable structures and carry out inspection visits.


Practical information

city of Strasbourg

The official website for the City of Strasbourg will help you in your search and will provide lots of practical information on the city of Strasbourg and its urban community.


Alsace International

Information and news on the economic development and marketing of Alsace abroad.



french airports

This website provides information on airports in France and the overseas departments and territories of France.