A new-generation  flight simulation centre

By establishing its first European flight centre at Strasbourg Airport, the firm SKYCENTER has paved the way for a new-generation flight simulation centre. Flight Adventures offers a concept that is unique in Europe:

  • Location within the airport
  • 5 professional-standard flight simulators for training aircraft, commercial aircraft and fighter jets.

  • A team of instructors, professional pilots.

  • Open to the general public, companies and pilots
  • A gateway to real flight, offering introductory flights on your own aircraft.



In command of a commercial aircraft or a fighter jet

Flight sessions are open to everyone. No experience is required.

Commercial aircraft:

Unfortunately, the wider public no longer have access to the pilots of commercial aircraft. Skycenter offers you an extraordinary opportunity to step into the shoes of an aircraft commander and take control of one of the largest commercial aeroplanes in service, the Boeing 777.

 Fighter jet:

Take command of a French fighter jet in a simulator that is unique in France. This fighter jet simulator has an entirely metal fuselage and offers a hyper-realistic environment, modelled on the Mirage 2000, an iconic machine in the French Air Force.

The “trainee pilot” will be accompanied by an instructor throughout the session.

An extraordinary adventure – a perfect gift.

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Let go of your fear of flying

Anti-stress Flying Session

Flying is becoming increasingly common for professional and personal requirements. However, more than 20% of passengers experience distress during take-off, landing or turbulence. This anxiety, which is not connected to the real risks, is almost always based on ignorance or misconceptions.

When you take part in an anti-stress flying session with Flight Adventures you will learn to view the aeroplane and its environment differently. In an informative approach that is open to everyone, Flight Adventures will demystify the aeroplane and its environment, by providing answers to anxiety-provoking questions associated with air transport.

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an unforgettable experience for your clients or employees

For companies

Flight Adventures is an exceptional location for your business events or seminars. Flight Adventures offers a variety of fun and educational programmes, which can provide a unique experience for your clients or motivate and reward your employees.

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For companies

Flight Adventures has developed unique and effective team-building and training initiatives based on the CRM (Crew Resource Management) methodology used in the aviation field and adapted to the world of business.

These workshops can be defined as a management system that enables optimum use of the available resources – people, equipment and procedures – to develop and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of participants, both individually and collectively.

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Note (1): Registered trademark of SkyCenter SAS.