EATIS is a professional flight school certified by the DGAC under number FR.ATO.0233.

A place where your dreams of flying can become a reality!

EATIS offers flight simulators, training sessions and aircraft, everything required to turn you into a real pilot!







The flight school occupies 300m² of premises at the very heart of Strasbourg Airport.

Located on the first floor: two briefing rooms, two teaching rooms, a relaxation space, an operations room, a partner area and a flight simulation area. Just what you need to pass your private pilot licence examination.

The partner area contains an OTD B-777; the flight simulation area contains an AL50 and an AL200.

Each room has an unobstructed view of the airport traffic area.

5 professional instructors qualified in the field of private pilot licences. 3 IFR instructors and 2 VFR instructors. EATIS is undoubtedly the best flight school in Strasbourg and the surrounding area, an ideal place for you to become a private or professional pilot.  


Please contact the flight school for more information on becoming a private or professional pilot:

Phone N° : +33 (0)3 88 65 67 68