Airline companies are required to inform you of your rights as a passenger.
For information on your rights, please consult the document on passenger rights.

Please also consult the DGAC website for further information on passenger rights.


Strasbourg Airport was one of the first French airports to monitor all hold luggage.

Prepare your luggage before boarding.

Items to be taken onto the aeroplane with you:

laptops, camcorders, cameras and films that deteriorate under powerful X-rays.

Make sure your hand luggage does not exceed the permitted dimensions!
(length x width x height = 115 cm, including wheels and handles, max. 10 kg)

At the security checkpoint you will be required to present your hand luggage for screening; you must also place your jacket and the contents of your pockets in the containers provided, in order to save time and avoid multiple trips through the metal detector.

Reminder of new restrictions on liquids and gels in hand luggage.

Items to be placed in your hold luggage :

any sharp or blunt object, including small manicure scissors, nail files, pocket knives, etc.

Attempts to take these items into the cabin may mean that you have to abandon them at the security checkpoint!
Cosmetic or medical aerosol sprays are permitted in the cabin, but tear gas sprays must be placed in the hold.
This also applies to hunting and sports weapons, which must weigh no more than 5 kg and be securely packaged; such items must be reported on boarding.

Hold luggage weight restrictions vary depending on the airline and the class of ticket. In general, luggage should not exceed 20 kg in economy class, 30 kg in business class and 15 kg on charter flights.
Please consult your airline for further information.

Lost or damaged luggage

Please contact the last carrier company.

The handling agents at Strasbourg Airport are:

  • Air France 
    Phone: 00 33 1 55 69 84 68
  • Strasbourg Handling (represents: Air Arabia, Arkia, ASL Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Ibéria, Lufthansa, Nouvelair, Royal Air Maroc, Ryanair, Tarom, Tassili Airlines,Tunisair, Turkish Airlines, Twinjet, Volotea) 
    Phone: 00 33 3 88 64 67 93 or 0825.100.221


Please retain your airline ticket to which the luggage receipt is affixed. This will be required by the handling agent for any incident that occurs relating to your luggage.


guide_voyageur_enregistrer-embarquerCheck-in deadline

The check-in deadline for your flight is indicated on your ticket.

Please note: this deadline may be modified without warning.
Check-in deadlines before take-off vary depending on the airline.

On average deadlines are as follows:

  • National flights: 30 minutes before take-off
  • International flights: 50 minutes before take-off

These times are indicative only.
Airlines reserve the right to make changes.

Check-in desks generally open 1 ½ to 2 hours before departure. (Depending on airline. Consult airline for further information.)

guide_voyageur_controlesecuritesecurity check

As from 31 January 2014, you should check in the maximum number of items in your hold luggage and only retain items which are absolutely essential for your voyage in your hand luggage. If you are travelling without hold luggage, you must place your liquids in a closed transparent bag (i.e. a “freezer bag” of approx. 20 cm x 20 cm).

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Before passing through the security checkpoint:

  • Present your liquids to the security officials for examination.
  • Remove jackets, coats, belts and shoes.
  • Remove laptops or other electronic devices from your hand luggage and from their covers. These will be screened separately.

Airlines may request additional measures.

After the security checkpoint :

  • All items purchased in the boarding area – particularly liquids, drinks, perfumes, etc. – are permitted in the cabin, whatever their content.
  • You are therefore free to make purchases from the shops in the boarding area (according to customs restrictions).

guide_voyageur_enfant-non-accompagneunaccompanied minors

Between the ages of 4 and 12, children may travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors, depending on the airline.

The unaccompanied child must be presented at check-in. The child will be given a special pouch which should be retained throughout the voyage. The pouch will contain flight ticket, identity documents, parental authorisation and an identification form containing the name and address of the person responsible for meeting the child at the arrival airport.

This person must be in possession of proof of identity.
The child will be assisted by personnel from the airline, who will look after the child and accompany the child through the boarding process, during the flight and on exiting the aeroplane.

As from 1 January 2013, minors no longer require authorisation to leave the country.
A French minor may now travel alone with an identity card if the destination country is in the European Union or with a passport if the destination country is outside the European Union.

A legal procedure and an administrative procedure may be carried out in cases of emergency if required in order to ensure the protection of minors.

For further information, please consult the website: (section on Issuance of Entitlements)

guide_voyageur_mobilite-reduiteDisabled persons with reduced mobility

You must indicate the following to your airline or travel agency when booking:

  • The nature of your disability (reduced mobility, visually impaired, hearing impaired…), the degree of assistance required and your specific needs during the flight, in order to obtain essential services throughout your journey.
  • The international code corresponding to the degree of assistance you require, according to the international classification:
    • WCH R: The passenger can move independently and climb stairs.
    • WCH S: The passenger can move independently but cannot climb or descend stairs.
    • WCH C: The passenger cannot move independently and must be carried to/from their seat.
    • BLND: Passenger is blind or visually-impaired.
    • DEAF: Passenger is hearing-impaired.
    • DPNA: Passenger has an intellectual or behavioural disability and requires assistance.

Depending on the degree of independence and the duration of the flight, prior medical approval may be requested.

Since 26 July 2008 Strasbourg Airport has applied European regulation n° 1107/2006 EC regarding the rights of disabled persons and persons of reduced mobility when travelling by air.




guide_voyageur_voyager-avec-animaltRAVELLING WITH AN ANIMAL


All animal transport must be indicated to the airline concerned when booking.

The airline will provide information on the prices and formalities required according to your destination. As a precaution, you should obtain a health record for the animal.

In the hold (ventilated and heated):

In special crates sold by the handling agents.

  • Air France - Phone: 00 33 1 55 69 84 68
  • Strasbourg Handling - Phone: 00 33 3 88 64 67 93

In the hold:

In cages sold by the handling agents.

In the cabin :

In a bag, with prior authorisation from the airline concerned.
(Max. weight: 5 kg)

guide_voyageur_santeHealth formalities

Vaccines are recommended depending on the destination. Please contact the airline or vaccination centres.

guide_voyageur_telephoneUse of mobile phones pn the aeroplane

Due to security reasons and to the risk of interfering with the operation of the aeroplane’s navigation and communication systems, the use of mobile telephones is strictly prohibited for the entire duration of the flight.

Likewise, the use of certain electronic devices is prohibited during take-off and landing: games consoles, MP3/MP4 players, tablets, etc.

guide_voyageur_detaxecustoms / tax refunds

Tax refunds for any item must be obtained from the PABLO terminal on the ground floor of the international boarding area.


 Purchases in France - Tax refund made easy with the Pablo barcode reader

Download the new procedure for futy-free purchases applicable from 1 january 2014

Phone: 0 811 20 44 44 (customs info service)

guide_voyageur_objetsinterditItems prohibited on the aeroplane

In the hold and the cabin :

Cleaning products (detergent, bleach, lighter fluid), solvents, oxidants, irritants, poisons, acids (car batteries), radioactive substances, magnetic substances (compasses), explosives (ammunition, fireworks), flammable substances (fuel, petrol…), chlorine, paint, pressurised containers, compressed gases (gas cylinders, gas stoves…), aerosols (except perfumes, toiletry products and medications in quantities less than 500 ml).

A hunting rifle, collectible weapon or sports weapon may be permitted in the hold under certain conditions. Please contact your airline.

In the cabin :

(non-exhaustive list)

Sharp or blunt objects:

knitting needles, penknives, compasses, razors, scissors, knives, nail files, screwdrivers, mountaineering axes, etc.


defensive sprays of any size, hairspray, deodorants and aerosols of a volume greater than 500 ml

Firearms and any object that may used as on offensive weapon:

hunting rifles, collectible weapons, knives, truncheons, clubs or any item imitating one of the aforementioned (toys),

Objects that may :

  • be used as a weapon such as:
    food processors, sporting items (bat, golf club, diving knife and gun, ski pole, martial arts weapons, swords, foils…), handcuffs, electric tools, scooters, roller skates, curtain poles…
  • ignite or explode:
    cleaning products, lighters, fluorescent tubes for televisions or computer screens…

Syringes are only authorised in the cabin due to a medical condition. Please warn your airline.


In conclusion :

Place any object that may be considered, even erroneously, as a weapon in your hold luggage.



Any suspect luggage or package will be destroyed.

guide_voyageur_objets_trouvesLOST and found

Reception/Information recovers all objects found in the terminal, records them and stores them on behalf of their owners.

Phone: 00 33 3 88 64 67 67

For objects left behind on the aeroplane, please contact the luggage service for the airline on which you travelled.

guide_voyageur_objets-depos�sLeft objects

For security reasons, only keys may be left at Reception/Information in the terminal.

Price: €4,70 incl. taxes

guide_voyageur_consignesleft luggage

For security reasons, Strasbourg Airport has no left luggage lockers.