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Strasbourg Airport is strategically located, both economically and diplomatically, in the centre of the

EU. Serving the European capital and the 21 European institutions based there, Strasbourg Airport

hosts significant business aviation activity (for both diplomatic and economic reasons), which will

develop strongly in the coming years along with the development of this type of aviation.


The improvements already made for this purpose by the Airport (construction of new hangars over a

total area of 2520 m²) were immediately occupied, reflecting the dynamism of local activity. This

dynamism has been reinforced by the adaptation of safety measures to flexibility requirements with

the creation of a demarcated area.


Preparation for this new vector of economic growth will involve the creation of infrastructure and

the implementation of services adapted to the needs of this particular clientele. The airport, which

has significant land reserves available immediately adjacent to car parks and aeronautical roads,

must meet this growing demand.





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