Various consultative bodies


Description of the various consultative bodies and their missions



The Members of the Consultative Committee on the Environment are split into three colleges with nine full and nine deputy members each:

  • Local authorities (representatives of the Alsace region, the Lower Rhine department, the Urban Community of Strasbourg and the municipalities affected by the noise);
  • Aviation industry (representatives of the airport personnel, airport users, the Strasbourg Airport);
  • Associations (representatives of environment-protection associations and community associations).

The Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, North East, the Regional Environment Director and the Departmental Infrastructure Director are present at the meetings but do not have voting rights.

The Commission is chaired by the Prefect of the Alsace and Lower Rhine Region. The Strasbourg Airport is responsible for secretariat duties.

All major issues relating to the effect of the airport on the areas affected by noise are referred to the Advisory Environment Commission. And, more broadly, it is informed by the airport's total environmental protection policy.







The Advisory Commission for Assistance to the Community is an advisory body to which matters are referred during the phase of preparation of the Noise Nuisance Plan and for the attribution of soundproofing assistance provided to the members of the community around the airport, in the areas covered by the plan. The plan was approved by a ruling from the prefect of December 24th 2003.

Secretarial duties are fulfilled by Strasbourg Airport.


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