Air quality

ASPA (Association for the Surveillance and Study of Atmospheric Pollution in Alsace), monitors and studies the air quality in Alsace. Its four-party Board of Directors includes representatives from the State, local authorities, main emitters of pollutants in Alsace and environmental and consumer protection organisations and qualified people.

As part of its commitment to support the action and research carried out by ASPA, the Airport joined the organisation as an emitter following a decision of the Board of Directors of ASPA of 10 May 2001.
The close partnership between ASPA and the airport particularly resulted in the performance of special studies on the site and in the vicinity of the airport from 2000.

Air quality measurement runs

In order to begin implementation of the assessment programme, the CCI of Strasbourg and of the Bas-Rhin requested the ASPA to conduct a summer assessment campaign in 2000.

In the conclusion of ASPA report no. 01073101-I-D, titled “Characterisation of the air quality in the zone of the Strasbourg Airport” presenting the findings of these assessment campaigns, the ASPA recommends “orienting air-quality monitoring more towards periodical assessments (assessment campaigns) than continuous assessments (fixed stations)”.

In substance, the different reports (available below) stress that airport activity has a limited influence on the surrounding villages and that regulatory values were not exceeded during the measurement campaign.


Characterisation of air quality in the area of Strasbourg Airport











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