Strasbourg Airport environmental policy

Strasbourg Airport has decided that the planning, operation and development of the airport will be designed to control the effects of the activity of the airport on its environment.

That is why helping to protect the quality of the sound environment, minimising discharge into the air and water and rationalising consumption are key issues for the airport management.

An overall environment protection policy has been put in place since 1 January 2001 in respect of the activities of the airport. With its focus on compliance with regulations and the commitments of the airport in order to meet the expectations of local and national institutional and private partners, it is part of the sustainable development objective of the airport.

This approach may be broken down into 8 areas of action:

  • Aircraft noise
  • Air
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Resources
  • Soil
  • Natural environment
  • Environmental management

The environmental policy of Strasbourg  Airport is described in an Environment Charter. This document may be downloaded below.


"Airport Environment Charter"

The preamble of this new Charter refers to the context in which it was developed and its purpose:

“In continuity with the preceding Environment Charter 2001-2005 and based on the Memorandum of Understanding of 1998, titled “For the sustainable development of the airport, at the service of the regional economy, with respect for the quality of life of local residents”, this new Charter unveils the continuous improvement programme for the environment, covering the period from January 1st 2011 through December 31st 2015.

Backed by the success of the first charter, this new work reincorporates a certain number of notable advances, such as SYMBIOSE, the system for measuring aircraft noise, controlled management of rainwater discharge and STEED, the system for collective and selective waste management”.

The scope of the Charter is quite wide, as it covers all environmental areas ranging from aircraft noise to waste management and the reduction of energy consumption.

The CMS (Charter Monitoring Committee) (Permanent Committee of the CCE (Environment Advisory Committee)) is responsible for ensuring that these actions are carried out.

The assessment of the actions carried out and the results obtained are presented annually in an Environment Report:




The chief mission of the Environment department of Strasbourg  Airport is to prepare and implement the environment policy of the airport in accordance with the programme established in the Environment Charter


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Environment Department
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