Airport management


Strasbourg Airport, a public limited company with board of directors and supervisory board capitalized at EUR 148,000 is now managing the airport concession process, following the handover of airport operations by the Strasbourg and Bas-Rhin Chamber of Commerce on 24th May 2011. The initial concession period was extended for 40 years, i.e. until 31st December 2051.




The company undertakes full management of administrating the airport platform, including:

Ground operations

The Airport provides airlines and other partners with all the resources required for their activities – manoeuvring areas, terminals (passengers and freight), car parks, road links with Strasbourg city centre, shops and services, passenger information etc.

Safety and security

The management has implemented security and safety measures in accordance with the various applicable national and international regulation. They are formalised through :


  • the aerodrome manual (including a “Safety Management System” section which describes the structured and systematic approach to airport safety management in the “reserved zone”.)
  • the safety manual which enables it to ensure the safety of passengers in the boarding area, under the control of the Immigration Department.


The operator defines the mid and long-term investment along with central and local governments, which provide the funding. The operator is responsible for managing infrastructure and development work. Every year, the investment policy is submitted to the different partners of the platform. The investments concerns to extensions of the passenger terminal, car parks, freight areas, road access and aviation infrastructure.

Promoting the Airport, increasing the number of flights and our commercial offer

In order to develop and promote its activity, the Airport authority is reinforcing the resources of the facility, expanding the network of scheduled and charter flights. The airport promotes itself to different segments of clientele and to the distribution network (Travel Agents and Tour Operators) while ensuring optimum profitability by rallying the support of all the parties concerned.
The Airport takes part in several professional and general public salons as well as advertising and sales campaigns with partners.
In its business, the airport includes shops, car hire firms, car parks, restaurants and advertising posters and hoardings on site.

Air traffic

The State represented by the Air Navigation Service (ANS) is responsible for air navigation.



Customer satisfaction

Certified ISO 9001 since June 2001 and ISO 14001 since 2008, Strasbourg Airport has renewed its certificate during the year 2010 but this time as part of an integrated Quality and Environement approach. The quality approach of the airport applies to all the activities and processes that have a direct impact on service quality, from information to the public to maintenance of the installations and equipment.
Concerned about customer perception, the airport realize, at regular intervals, satisfaction surveys from departure passengers.


Environment protection

Strasbourg Airport is committed to becoming a model airport in terms of environment protection.

Its environmental policy has been described in its Environment Charter, entitled “Fifty measures for five years, fifty measures for sustainable development”. This reference document, which is the result of broad cooperation, formalises the commitments of the Airport regarding every environmental issue.

A new environmental programme covering the period from 2006 to 2010 has now been implemented. This new Charter is organised according to the same logic as the previous Charter, whilst dealing with new subjects such as the natural environment, renewable energies and protection of the soil and sub-soil.

Strasbourg International Airport is certified in accordance with standard ISO 14001, as of 6 August 2008.


There are more than 90 employees who are employed at the airport out of a total of 1200.

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