Reception of General Aviation Traffic

Aircraft can be accessed rapidly from landside thanks to reduced security measures (no screening).

General Aviation traffic is received in Zone Bravo. Zone Bravo is located on a section of Car Park Bravo and is accessible from landside via the General Aviation Terminal. This General Aviation Terminal has a surface area of more than 120 m² and is accessible to both flight crews and passengers. This building is also used by handling agents and by all persons wishing to enter Zone Bravo.

Thanks to sophisticated video surveillance in Car Park Bravo, aircraft can be easily accessed from landside and mandatory screening is not required. Users can park their private vehicles in the parking spaces, and then access the aircraft without wasting time thanks to the surveillance and access control systems in place.
Airport features:  

  • Runway of 2400 m x 45 m
  • Platform accessible in all weather thanks to the ILS Cat. III  
  • Efficient air traffic control (new control tower installed in 2017)
  • Handling of General Aviation in a dedicated parking apron (many independent stands)  
  • Easy access to the General Aviation zone (no screening in Zone Bravo)  
  • Strasbourg town centre less than 9 minutes by train from the airport!  
  • Central position in Europe


Services in the General Aviation Building

An airport handling agent - Strasbourg Handling- operates in the General Aviation Terminal and can provide bespoke services.
In some cases minimum handling assistance is mandatory:  

  • All international flights of General Aviation (excluding ground-based aircraft)  
  • All general aviation flights (excluding ground-based aircraft) outside the operational hours of the General Aviation Terminal

Additional information regarding the way General Aviation traffic is handled within Demarcated area is enclosed in the Aeronautical Information Publication :


Demarcated area opening hours

The demarcated aera is active from 5 am to 11 pm (local time). An extension request regarding opening hours can be sent to the aerodrome operator (a 48 hours notice period shall be fulfilled).

Contact information

• Supervisor:

• Security Director :


Even if the request fulfills the notice period it does not imply the approval of the extension request by the aerodrome operator.

Movement restrictions on the runway Movement restrictions as well as allowed departure and arrival times are provided in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP AD2 LFST ADC02) From 6 am to 11:30 pm (local time) there are no movement restrictions on the runway. For more detailed information please consult the national aeronautical information service website


download the access plan



Services for business flights, such as ground handling, reception, runway escort, luggage transport, flight preparations, cleaning and catering are provided by various airport handling partners.
Aviation and non-aviation prices can be downloaded from our website.
Aviation charges may be paid at the General Aviation Terminal. Each handling agent collects payment of aviation charges for the flights it handles. In connection with their flight preparations, crews have access to a certain amount of useful information, which can be found in the section “Information for Pilots”.
To request a quotation or support online, please contact:



External number : +33 (0) 388 64 73 93 Mobile : 06 34 56 45 76 SITA address : SXBGAXH Email :


Business aviation airline

A business aviation airline operates on the platform for all your private or business trips:


Tél : + 33 (0)3 89 86 40 66